For more than 40 years, the Rolex Awards have supported individuals with projects that advance human knowledge, protect cultural heritage or help preserve natural habitats and species.

Recent Rolex Awards for Enterprise Laureates João Campos-Silva, Grégoire Courtine, Brian Gitta, Krithi Karanth and Miranda Wang prove that, with the right amount of passion and commitment, anyone can change everything.

João Campos-Silva

The largest scaled freshwater fish in the world – the giant arapaima – is bound for extinction. But in a close partnership with local associations and fishing leaders, fisheries ecologist João Campos-Silva has a plan to save not only the arapaima but with it, the livelihoods, food supply and culture of the indigenous communities who depend on the Amazon’s rivers for survival.

Grégoire Courtine

For medical scientist Grégoire Courtine, a broken back need no longer be a barrier to walking again.

Brian Gitta

A powerful new weapon in the war on malaria – a disease that attacks 220 million people every year – is the dream of Ugandan IT specialist Brian Gitta.

Krithi Karanth

As human numbers surge, conflicts between people and the planet’s dwindling wildlife are multiplying – but Indian conservationist Krithi Karanth is convinced this problem can be solved.

Miranda Wang

If 25 year-old Canadian entrepreneur Miranda Wang fulfils her goal, a third of the world’s plastic waste – which now chokes landfills, rivers and oceans – could be converted into new wealth.